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Motorbike Refresher Course 2022/2/28 14:07
I've recently acquired my Japanese (motorbike) drivers license. (All sizes.)

I've not ridden for a long time though, and would like to take a refresher course before hitting the roads.

Any information on whether this is possible here in Japan, and how indeed it would go down?

Would this be expensive? Are helmets and equipment provided at the test centre?

(Related question: When renting a motorbije in Japan, are helmets and equipment also available to rent?)


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Re: Motorbike Refresher Course 2022/2/28 16:36
Just call your nearest driving school and check whether they give your riding lesson.

Normally there is this 'ペーパードライバーPaper Driver' driving course, which target those who passed got their driving lecence but long time never drive, so it is kind of a "refresher course".
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Re: Motorbike Refresher Course 2022/3/1 13:45
Thanks. Appreciate the reply.


Got it!

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Re: Motorbike Refresher Course 2022/3/16 08:34
Thanks again for your previous replies.

Am sorry to day that all driving centres in my area have suspended their "paper rider" courses.

(Maybe due to corona-restriction influenced lack of interest)

Ah well.
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