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Spouse visa application 2022/3/1 05:39
Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding applying for a spouse visa as we will be applying for one in the next few months (probably June / July). I think this is going to be a rather big post, so I'd like to thank you in advance for reading it if you do!

What I have gathered from reading numerous posts online is that the main thing that is looked at when applying for a spouse visa are:

1. The authenticity of marriage
2. Financial stability

Some people complain about these things, but in my opinion they are both completely valid things to look at to determine whether a spouse visa is issued. I do, however, have some questions regarding the application.

Regarding authenticity of mariage, I've read that you can post pictures of you together. We have plenty of pictures together from trips, so that isn't really an issue. However, regarding our marriage, it is an international marriage (basically all done via documents without a ceremony and without actually being in the same country as one another). The reason for this is that we had planned to get married weeks before covid struck and travel to Japan became virtually impossible. So we decided on this alternative. Therefore, we don't have pictures together at a wedding ceremony or anything like that.
So we plan on using images of us together on separate dates to show we have travelled to each others countries before and have been in a relationship for a few years. Will that be sufficient?
All of our telephone calls which are almost daily have been via the messenger app on Facebook which unfortunately doesn't give call history, so that's not something I can provide.

Now as for financial stability, I do have a few questions I hope you can help me with.
Firstly, I would like to state that both me and my wife are part-time workers and so our income isn't exactly high. However, she lives on the top floor of an apartment complex, the three apartments on the top floor all belong to her grandmother and the plan is that we will move into one of the apartments there to live together for about 6 months to a year while I save money from a full-time job in Japan. Then we intend on moving out. However, during that period there will be no pressure on paying rent as her Grandmother owns the apartment. From what I know, there is just a small fee on property tax but her Grandmother has already said I do not need to worry about during my time there. I am very fortunate that they are always so kind to me.
I think the apartment situation is a significant factor when considering financial stability. Is it something we can add to the spouse application to support financial stability?
Next, when I apply for the spouse visa my savings will be about £9000 - £11,000 give or take a few hundred pounds. Will that be satisfactory for the application? As for my wife, I can't determine it as she will be coming to the UK for about a month soon and the tickets are rather pricey, but she will likely have savings of about £3000 - £6000 if converted from yen to pounds. I understand that it's not a lot on top of a part-time job, but I thought that considering my savings and the apartment situation, it might be good enough for the visa.
Her mother also works part-time and is willing to be a guarantor. I believe multiple guarantors are allowed, so it will likely be my wife and mother in-law who will be guarantors.

I will not have a job upon entry to Japan, however I plan on finding one as soon as possible. My wife will continue to work while I am there. From the first week of arrival, I want to start searching for jobs as I understand it can be rather difficult to find a job in Japan. My grasp on Japanese is between N3 - N4 and I have a TEFL certificate. I am not sure if that is something that is added to a spouse visa, but if so then great.

Thank you very much for reading my post, if I realise that I've missed out any important information then I'll add it as soon as I know. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
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Re: Spouse visa application 2022/3/1 08:01
Truth be told, I think you'll be fine. I've read many posts of people getting their spouse visa with much smaller savings than 10k~ pounds. In general I do read that your partner will have to be making around 2000~ euro a month if she is to support you living there, had it been her own apartment that is. See, since you'll be (likely) using a guarantor, it'll change the whole situation. Also the fact that her grandmother owns the apartment complex, and that she most likely doesn't have to pay rent there (which in turn will be become obvious to immigration once they inspect her financials) means it can go any way really.

Also, as for proof of marriage. I got married through proxy, meaning I wasn't there when she filed all documents. I did however go to Japan during covid on the "special circumstances" track and we held a ceremony then and there (and took our pictures of course). I think as long as you have a few pictures of you guys together, preferably some with the fam in it too (and maybe some on trips) you'll be absolutely fine. I think they generally weed out the fake fillipino mail bride marriages (no offence).

In all, it's a pure game of RNG, go for it, I'm sure you'll be accepted. If you're that scared, consult with a lawyer who does marriage applications, most I've seen only charge you (800 quid) IF you get accepted, if not, you pay nothing. I didn't make use of them though.
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Re: Spouse visa application 2022/3/2 19:55

I got married 4 years ago to a Japanese men.
We met online and then decided to get married in my country.

We didn't do marriage ceremory or anything and that was fine.
As long as you show them some pictures together and if possible to ask one of her family member to write a letter showing how happy they are about this marriage... and things like that.

In my case my husband's mother and father wrote a letter and I also wrote one explaining how we met and I am very happy that we got married and I wish to make a family and live happily in Japan. I also explained the reason why we didn't have marriage ceremony.

You can try this explain how you met and about your situation that you want to find stable job to support your wife.

It's always better to add some elements as it makes your marriage genuine.
They understand you make afford to show it.

Good luck!
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Re: Spouse visa application 2022/3/3 04:12

I did have a feeling that it may come down to some RNG elements as I've seen many conflicting stories. Thank you for your reassuring information!


I see. So we can attach letters to our documents to explain our situation in further detail. Thank you for your answer, Uello!
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Re: Spouse visa application 2022/3/20 03:40
My final update for anybody who is going to go through the same process as me. Everything worked out and we are now married. She even managed to have her surname changed on the same day.
One thing I would suggest however is to have your fianceé translate the document that the apostille will attach with a stamp to your affirmation/affidavit after stamping it.

The city hall asked us to translate that before the marriage could be accepted. But apart from that, everything else went fine.
Good luck!
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