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Narita PCR Test Certificate 2022/3/1 14:55
I'm traveling from Narita to the US.
The US requires a negative COVID test certificate.

I have a question about the Narita's PCR Test Site.
It says the PCR Test & Certificate Issue fee is 25,000 yen.
This certificate says whether you are positive or negative, correct?
I need this.

But there's an additional option for a health certificate for an additional 5,500.
What is the health certificate?
Is it just a general certificate stating whether or not you're healthy?
I don't think the US requires it.

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Re: Narita PCR Test Certificate 2022/3/3 11:29
As far as I can understand from the page you mentioned, you book for a test, get the test, and get a certificate based on that result for 25,000 yen.

If you take a test at a facility other than those affiliated to that center and you bring the result with you, they can issue an official certificate based on that result for 5,500 yen.

So if you take the test there for the fee of 25,000, you shouldnft have to pay any more.

Note that each state of the States has their own accredited clinic/test facility, so make sure you take the test in accordance with the requirement/conditions given by the State that you live in.
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Re: Narita PCR Test Certificate 2022/3/3 11:31
Oh, you meant the ghealth certificateh table below the gcertificate issuanceh table.

They refer to a doctorfs checkup after the PCR test, so it must be a general health condition check. Again, if your State does not require it, you donft need it.
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