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Moving to Japan alone at age of 18 2022/3/1 18:21
Hello, I would like to move to Japan at the age of 18.

I'm currently 17 yo living in a small country of Slovakia. I have been studying Japanese for 2 years and have been communicating with Japanese people for 1.
I even found a girlfriend in there, we've been together for nearly a year(I really like her). My country is boring, I'm not intending to work or study collage in it.

I already talked with my parents about it, and they will support me as much as they can. I plan to visit Japan for one month this summer (if it will be possible). I would like to ask if it's possible to transfer to high school(to complete last year of it) and live alone. I would consider my Japanese decent, and until I'm 18 it will definitely improve more, currently N3〜.

During my time in potential high school I would like to work as part time or maybe at some band(I can play electric guitar).

Thank you for your replies and time in advance!
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Re: Moving to Japan alone at age of 18 2022/3/2 12:00
No student visa for highschool.

Wait until you finish high school and get a student visa for a language school.
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Re: Moving to Japan alone at age of 18 2022/3/3 08:15
Do a google search on minimum age for entering a valid contract. At 18 you will have trouble renting somewhere to live.
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Re: Moving to Japan alone at age of 18 2022/3/3 11:48
Something you will learn as you get older is that other countries do not let you live in a particular country because you find your location boring.

Japan tends to have more strict immigration laws than some countries. In general - if you want to live in Japan you need to have a reason valid for the Japanese government to allow you to live there.

This can include:

(a) Employment
(b) Study
(c) Family
(d) Refugee/Asylum Seeker
(e) Cultural exchange / arts etc

If you want to live in Japan because you find Slovakia boring - this will not get you a visa. Your actually lucky as you have an EU passport - which means you can live and work in any EU country.

I'm sorry to say this - but you may need to look for another reason to live in Japan apart from "because I want too" as there is no reason for Japan or any other country to give you a residency visa.

If I come across as a bit mean - it's because I'm a teacher.
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