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spousefs companyfs pension scheme 2022/3/2 15:00
I would like to be enrolled in my spousefs companyfs pension scheme.

I quit my previous job end of august 2021.
I was paying pension at that time.
But since I quit I didnft pay anything.
I am doing a part time since September, my salary is not very stable.
Depending on each month, my salary is btw 100000yen , max i can get is around 130000yen.
Is it possible to enroll in my husbandfs pension scheme?

If anyone knows about this or have a case like mine please comment :)
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Re: spousefs companyfs pension scheme 2022/3/3 20:42
If you earn under a certain amount per year then you can apply to your spouses employer for your government pension to be credited so you won't have to pay anything

I think if the values you said are your monthly income then you will be pushing over the limit. I'm not sure what the limit is right now so someone else here might know, but you're probably close.

If the value you said will be your annual income then it's fine.

You need to ask your spouse to contact their payroll area of their company and tell them you need to be enrolled as a category 3 member into kokumin nenkin
They will know the income limits and tell you if you can't do it

The company will contact the Japan pension office to arrange this and your credits will continue automatically unless your circumstances change (e.g. Full time job etc)

First things first check your income falls under the limit... someone here may be able to confirm the latest figure
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Re: spousefs companyfs pension scheme 2022/3/3 22:12
I believe the limit for your expected income for the current year (to be eligible as gdependenth under the spousefs employerfs social security scheme) is either 1,060,000 yen or 1,300,000 yen a year. So either way you seem to be somewhere around the borderline.

Another thing - you are expected to be either paying into the National Pension Scheme on your own, or be covered under your spousefs company scheme if you are eligible as his dependent, (or when your income gets higher) to be paying into your employerfs scheme. If you have some months where you did not belong to any scheme (I assume when you quit your previous job, you glefth that employerfs scheme), you will be expected to make contributions for the months in between. If you have some months where you missed payments, that means less pension benefits there will be later.

But please check with your spousefs employerfs personnel department.
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Re: spousefs companyfs pension scheme 2022/3/4 09:53
"I didnft pay anything."
how about health insurance ?

if you pay ‘–¯Œ’N•ÛŒ¯ and ‘–¯”N‹à and your income is not sufficient, your paying of those two can be deductive for income of your husband (higher income). if you do it, your husband will have more tax-return. he need to do tax-filing until March 15.
you also need to do that, because in general you paid too much tax in 2021 because of changing jobs.
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