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Working visa to business manager visa 2022/3/7 06:49
Ifm currently in engineer/specialist in humanities/international services visa.
Ifm planning to change into business manager visa after establishing a company.
Currently I have 3 year visa for engineer/specialist in humanities/international services.
My question is what's the visa period given when I get a business manager visa for the first time.
Is there Preferential treatment for the previous visa and its validity period?

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Re: Working visa to business manager visa 2022/3/8 05:23
If you apply to change your visa status, you will be given one year visa under new status I guess. After you keep renewing every year, it can be extended maximum to 5 years. Depend on your tax payments situations, social insurance and you strong ties with Japan.
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Re: Working visa to business manager visa 2022/3/8 08:14
I am not aware of any situation where you would get more than one year for an initial Business Manager visa. Getting one for longer than one year depends on a lot of factors and it is not obvious, although there are some metrics that are more important than others. Also note, it is a difficult category to get.
BTW - I am on my 6th one-year period and expect my next renewal to also be just one year.
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