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Kihei Sake 2022/3/9 11:21

I got married in Okayama back in 2013 and my 9th wedding anniversary is coming up.

I wanted to get a bottle of the sake we had at our wedding along with a pottery sake set.

The host of our wedding had written down what the sake was and it was Sake Kihei but I also have something else written below it Pompad ' ok (or OR?) Strawberry.

Is anyone able to help me work out what was written please? I'm guessing it's two types of drinks my husband had and he wanted to have them written down so he could remember.

I've tried googling just Kihei Sake and only found a link or two to a bottle but nothing I can seem to buy.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
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Re: Kihei Sake 2022/3/10 03:20
I am guessing that you had 약 (Kihei) sake from Hiraki () Sake Brewery, in Okayama.

They have a sake called Shinkon (V), which means newly wed, and that might have been the sake served at your wedding. If you are in Japan, they can be purchased from various on line retailers.

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Re: Kihei Sake 2022/3/13 19:22
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