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Haneda - Phone Rental 2022/3/13 06:32
I live in Japan. I only have a landline telephone in Japan, no cellphone/smartphone. I'll be traveling from Haneda to USA & Canada, and I plan to rent a phone at Haneda. I know I will need one for re-entry anyway, so I wonder about renting one to take overseas to use in USA/Canada, too. Does anyone have advice -- a good company to use, plans, costs, what to avoid, etc? Thanks.
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Re: Haneda - Phone Rental 2022/3/19 04:59
I'm pretty sure the rentals from Haneda are set up to be rentals for use within Japan, not rentals for taking out of Japan. It also looks like a lot of the rental counters in Haneda (and presumably Narita) are closed https://tokyo-haneda.com/en/service/facilities/cellular_phone_rental.h... Because they are specifically targeting foreigners visiting Japan and right now there are caps of only 7000 arrivals per day.

I live in the US. I bought my phone (a Pixel) outright from Google. I'm on Google Fi, which I've been pretty happy with. It does work in Japan, though I've had a few texts get lost in the ether so I mostly use Line to chat with friends living in Japan or just actually call them. However, if I actually lived in Japan, I'm not sure it would be worthwhile, since I do pay a small amount additional. This amount is much less than the cost of pocket WiFi, rental SIM, or rental cell phone I would be paying. I also generally go to Japan for 2 or so weeks. I've heard Google Fi works decently in Canada, but I've not been to Canada personally in many many years to test. I am hoping to go in April when pretesting for fully vaccinated Americans is no longer required.

If you search US rental phones a lot will come up, I have never used one and I am not sure they are meant to be used in Japan on a semi-permanent basis.

But again, none of these are meant to go back to Japan and stay there. If you live semi-permanently in Japan, it might make sense to just get a cell phone plan there. I know iPhones and Pixels tend to work Internationally, I don't know about Samsung or other brands. Most of my friends have iPhones and they tend to have an easy time traveling Internationally with them,
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Re: Haneda - Phone Rental 2022/3/25 12:45
Telecom Square at Haneda Airport provides rental handsets and plans for use overseas. You can also have them deliver the handset to your home or business before departure.

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