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how to play in any japanese soccer club? 2022/3/14 11:22
Hey! I was born in Fukuoka, and have played for Avispa Fukuoka's academy before when I was younger. Last year, I had to move to America due to being recruited to play college soccer and a semi professional club here. I had to leave my fam behind in Japan. I've also played club football in California before. I've always dreamed of playing in Japan, no matter what league, at least past semi pro. I was wondering on how and what I can do in order to get into one? JFL would be perfect as well, just don't have contacts of them and such. By the way I do have a Japanese citizenship and passport. If I could get an answer that would be great!
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Re: how to play in any japanese soccer club? 2022/3/15 20:19
I'm sure there is someone at Avispa Fukuoka who could point you in the right direction. Professional clubs tend to have working relationships with amateur clubs. If you played for their reserve team them they might be happy to help you find an amateur team you could train with, and see what comes of that.
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