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COE got approved; can i reapply after 1 year? 2022/3/14 14:36
I've always wanted to live in Japan. I want to live there but im scared becuase i do not know anyone in Japan except my boyfriend's family. But my Boyfriend is here with me in my country.

Last November 2021, I applied to a program Study Japanese Language in Japan for April 2022. With my parents as my sponsor, they told me that i should take the Archuecture Licensure Exam first before leaving my country as a back up plan. I was planning to take the January 2022 Licensure Exam but i didnt make it. So i decided I would enroll to a review center Last December so i can take the June 2022 Exam just i case the borders of Japan would still be closed by April.

Fast forward to March, Japan opened their borders and out of all the applicants in the agency i was the only one who got the CoE approved. But my parents still want me to take the Licensure Exam this June. My question is if i decided to take the Architecture Licensure Exam this June and i didnt take the Study In Japan opportunity yet; What are my chances for my reapplication to study in Japan for April 2023 and having my CoE approved again after taking the exam? or should i just take this opportunity and Study in Japan because they might reject my next application? And if ever i did go to Japan, i would have to live with my boyfriend's family whom i've never officially met.
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Re: COE got approved; can i reapply after 1 year? 2022/3/17 14:20
You're just worried that you can't apply again if you give up the opportunity? No one can really say, but it's kind of odd that you'd go through the whole trouble just to get a COE only to then cancel your plan to come to Japan just because you're scared. It's quite possible they could not issue it again in the future if you cancel your plans the first time as it does take quite a bit of time just to get the COE as it is.

When I came to Japan, I didn't know too many people and pretty much didn't speak the language too. You can always make friends or find people to help you if you really need it. I don't really know what taking an exam has to do with coming into Japan, because if you're planning to stay here to study, why do you need a back-up plan from where you are currently living? It doesn't really sound like you're very sure if you really want this or not.

I'd honestly take time to figure out what you really want to do.
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Re: COE got approved; can i reapply after 1 year? 2022/3/17 15:12
It sounds like this exam is your university graduation, right?
If so, I would not give up on university now as you nearly made it to graduation. Whatever you will want to do in Japan in the future youfll need a university grade.

I actually donft see the problem in getting a new COE. Yes, itfs starting again from 0 but with Covid and all, many people changed their plans.

Plus reading between the lines it kind of sounds like you had an agreement with your parents: you pass that exam, they pay for your time in Japan.
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Re: COE got approved; can i reapply after 1 year? 2022/3/17 17:05
Plans change. You wouldnft be the first person to cancel a COE and then get another one a year or so down the line. Itfs true that all applications are judged individually so to some degree it can depend on the immigration officer(s) who looks at your application. But it isnft a lottery. For the most part the only reason they will deny a COE is because the applicant does not meet the necessary criteria or because there is something wrong with the application itself. Unless you are planning on becoming an internationally wanted criminal or something in the next 12 months I donft see why you would have any major issues applying again through a language school.
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