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Buy ukiyo-e prints 2022/3/15 08:01
Hi there,

I've fallen in love with a bunch of ukiyo-e works.

I'm eager to get some to put on the wall, preferably older edition prints.

Any recommendations on online galleries/shops/auction houses that sell them, preferrably from Japan (with delivery to Europe).

Best regards
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Re: Buy ukiyo-e prints 2022/3/16 00:35
This gallery is not in Japan (it is in New York City). I have purchased from them in the past. They have a nice catalogue of ukiyo-e prints and the largest of Japanese prints (including modern) in the US.

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Re: Buy ukiyo-e prints 2022/3/16 13:14
Try Japan Ukiyoe Museum in Matsumoto (Nagano-ken, Japan). It's an outstanding ukiyoe museum with an immense collection. They have a shop within the museum, as well as one downtown Matsumoto, and they sell nice ukiyoe prints. Among the prints for sale are some very good quality reproductions. Unfortunately, I don't see a link to their sales division online, but the museum has a website, with a contact form:

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Re: Buy ukiyo-e prints 2022/3/16 18:31
I have bought from this seller in Tokyo (not from the online store though):

Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints

Its online store

They do high quality reproductions of ukiyoe prints. They have their own craftsmen, who do the woodblock carving just as they did in the olden times, and print them the same way.
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Re: Buy ukiyo-e prints 2022/3/16 22:46
thanks for that link. This looks like a great place where to buy a Ukiyo-e.
Might get one for myself!
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