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Help with some Japanese sentences 2022/3/24 10:38
Hello everyone,

I’m planning on sending a message to an internet radio program, but my Japanese has gotten pretty rusty from lack of use. I’m not sure if these sentences sound natural or if all of the particles I used are correct. I would appreciate any feedback!


前回の旅行の課題ですが、ビザや隔離なしで入国出来るなら是非また日本に行きたいです。○○月の ○○のイベントに参加してみたいです。お二人はもう一度行きたい国がありませんか?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Help with some Japanese sentences 2022/3/25 10:46
For the first sentence in the first paragraph, i might suggest:
Because the sentence you have sounds a bit like “is there a tip for generating a voice that carries well through masks” rather than (I guess what you mean is) “is there a tip for ensuring that the voice carries well even when it is through a mask”

For the second paragraph, I am not sure what mean by “前回の旅行の課題ですが“ at the beginning? The rest is OK, except for one particle (since you specifically mention particles -otherwise I would not even point it out): i might say お二人はもう一度行きたい国”は”ありませんか?
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Re: Help with some Japanese sentences 2022/3/26 07:21
Hello AK-san,

Thank you so much for your response and corrections!

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant for the first sentence. I’ll edit in your suggestions :)

By “前回の旅行の課題ですが,” I was referring to what the radio personalities asked at the very end of their last broadcast. They asked the listeners about a memorable trip, a country they would like to visit and other things like that related to traveling. They specifically used the term “課題,” so I’m guessing that it’s because the characters they play are students and they’re giving the listeners “homework.” Would it be better to simply say “旅行についてなのですが” as a preface?

I wasn’t sure about the “が” in the last sentence, too. I used “は” initially, but then I got confused about whether or not I could use it twice in the same sentence.
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Re: Help with some Japanese sentences 2022/3/26 13:53
Now i understand about the second paragraph. So there is no way for me to know exactly how they phrased it, but then they call it a “homework” or “task” for the listeners.

I might suggest something like:
- Regarding the “task” about traveling from the last session
- My answer to the last session’s “task” about traveling
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Re: Help with some Japanese sentences 2022/3/27 10:06
Hello AK-san,

Thank you again for your suggestion. I’ll go with the first one merely because it’s shorter and I don’t want my message to go over the limit.

Anyway, I really appreciate your prompt responses and advice!
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