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Nagoya University G30 Interview 2022/4/6 10:57
I recently received an Interview invite for the schools chemistry major and I was wondering if someone who had already gone through the interview process could give some insight into what the interview was like. Ifm curious what kind of questions they asked you related to your major and what sorts of math questions or other questions were asked. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Nagoya University G30 Interview 2022/4/6 21:39
I did the interview almost 5 years ago for the Physics major. Although I failed it, the interview was pretty much straightforward. Maybe they changed it but here's how it went for me from what I remember:

- There was a panel of few professors (5 people were in that call I think)
- They asked me to do some derivations of a function. To make a plot and show them the minimum
- They asked me a physics questions about how forces interact in an example situation
- They asked me questions about myself and why I'm interested in Physics as a major and some general knowledge questions related to what I said (Example: I said I'm interested in astronomy so they asked me the name of the closest star to our solar system)

I hope this was helpful in some way.
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