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April 5th, 2022: Visa Processing Times? 2022/4/6 13:56

I received my COE for a work visa (1 year) under Engineer/Humanities.

On the official website of the San Francisco Consulate of Japan, it says that processing times take 5 working days on average; however, due to COVID-19 it may take up to 1-2 months.

Don't I need to book a flight and pass along my expected arrival date to my employer in order to receive the EFRS certificate? If my visa isn't approved within 5 days and extends past 1-2 months, wouldn't that mean I'd have to cancel and rebook my flight?

Unless someone has insight on how long it actually took them to get their visa processed in California... Please let me know!

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Re: April 5th, 2022: Visa Processing Times? 2022/4/7 01:45
Sorry, whatfs an EFRS certificate?

I got my visa (HSP category) recently from the embassy in The Hague (admittedly nowhere close to California, but Japanese embassy processes should be roughly the same).
I just went with the COE a picture and an application form and it took a few days (maybe 3 or so) and I could go back and pick it up.
I hadnft booked a flight yet, so just entered an approximate date.
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