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Parcel sent through EMS Japan 2022/4/6 16:55
I am expecting a parcel from Osaka which was posted on April 1, 2021 ( based on the tracker). My experience in the past is that they are able to deliver in 1 to 2 days. Does anybody know which working number should I call? and why there is a delay? The number listed in the website seems to be not working.

Do they send based on the volume of parcels to be sent out? I am assuming that delay is caused by the need to consolidate parcels to reach a certain volume. Thank you.
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Re: Parcel sent through EMS Japan 2022/4/7 11:27
Do you really mean EMS arriving that quickly? The soonest Ifve heard ever is like 4 - 5 days (but I guess this will depend on the destination).

If you have a tracking number, please try that first - the result will show you whether it is stuck somewhere in an outbound airport in Japan trying to leave Japan but not finding an aircraft (Japan Post does not have its own aircrafts like some other international courier services), or has reached its destination country but somehow not cleared customs, or something like that.

Even for calling, youfd need to have the tracking number.
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