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Long term resident visa after divorce 2022/4/18 12:19
Having scrolled through many websites and trying to figure out the vague information from the MOJ website regarding the required documents for Long Term Resident Visa (Z Teijusha) after divorce.

I believe I'm classed under this section OZ (Non-notification resident).

Basically divorced from a Japanese national (been married more than 3 years), spouse visa will expire in 6 months and have one child who is a minor however I wont have custody currently working as a permanent employee.

My understanding of the required documents are:

Application Form
current residence card and passport
Divorce letter confirmation
Jyuminhyo or/and kosekitohon (I presume I would have my own and that it shows the divorce)
Tax forms Kazei and Nozei Shomeisho
Health insurance card (proves I'm paying and my child is under it too)
Job certificate
Letter to immigration officer why I want to stay

Guarantor form
Guarantor job certificate
Guarantor tax forms Kazei and Nozei Shomeisho

Would I need a Certificate of Eligibility? I think that is only for people coming to Japan rather than a person who is already here and changing.

Any advice would be appreciated or additional information.

Thank you
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Re: Long term resident visa after divorce 2022/4/18 19:23
Yeah no COE required. You are just applying for a change of residency status.

Unsure of all the forms you need. But worth seeing a lawyer just to double check you have all your forms and details correct when appling.
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Re: Long term resident visa after divorce 2022/4/19 09:55
I agree about not needing CoE - you are already in Japan.

I also agree about seeing an immigration lawyer or a legal scrivener specializing in immigration matters to check what exactly the immigration authority wants to see.

Usually the reasons for granting glong-term residenth status after a divorce are that you have your life pretty much established in Japan (shown by your employment, though I donft know how long you have been living in Japan), and that your Japanese child needs you here so that you can support the child (shown by the fact that the child remains as health insurance dependent).

By the way, you will not have gkosekih on your own unless you are a naturalized Japanese citizen, but definitely you will have your own gjiminhyoh at the new address, stating where you moved out from. You said your child is in your health insurance - is the child going to be living with you? If not, the child might not be your dependent? (I am not sure on this point.) Best wishes
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Re: Long term resident visa after divorce 2022/4/25 10:20
Thanks for the feedback.

I'll look into consulting with an immigration lawyer.
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