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COE Processing time - 2022 2022/4/20 23:46
Hi everyone,

I am student in Japanese historical and political studies. I am going to university in Japan from September to polish my Japanese. I will be in Kyoto from September onwards. However, I am having a slight anxiety regarding the CoE. I was supposed to go to Japan again in 2020 but, because of the border restrictions, I could not go. I have a flight voucher that is set on a date and I cannot change it. Therefore, I am quite anxious. I know it typically takes between one and three months. I was just wondering how much time it took people who are going/have gone to Japan recently. I'm sorry if this question is redundant, just trying to soothe my anxiety. The airline won't refund me or change the flight so it's quite a stressful time. Flight is supposed to be in the beginning of August. Thank you all for your answers :)
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Re: COE Processing time - 2022 2022/4/21 09:04
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Re: COE Processing time - 2022 2022/4/23 22:17
Did you apply for the CoE two years ago?

In the case if you just applied for the CoE, then you should just wait for it. If you applied for the good university, with good organized documents, you probably should get it faster. But, definitely every case is unusual and it will take some time to review all the documents. Be patient, even though I believe you are stressed too much. But, stress will not help you to bring back your health. Just wait, i believe you will get response soon from them.

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