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Japan visa - London embassy 2022/4/21 21:38

I have applied for a Visa to visit my husband in Japan, I understand that my passport will be ready at the London embassy one week after applying.

I will be unable to pick up my passport exactly 1 week after replying but I would like to know if it was accepted so I can book my flight tickets, if I call the embassy will they be able to tell me a week later if it was accepted or denied. Or will I have to wait until I can go to the embassy in London again
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Re: Japan visa - London embassy 2022/4/22 14:22
I assume you havenft gone to the embassy yet. You can simply ask them if the entertain a call. My guess would be : no. Because they would give personal information to someone on the phone they canft know if that person is who he/she claims to be.

However if you have the COE, getting the visa is a procedure. Itfs highly unlikely that youfll NOT get a visa, if you have all the right documents.
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