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Getting Sponsorship 2022/4/24 11:06
I was trying to get a working visa as a software engineer and i'm wondering how do people get sponsorship from their employers? is there something that we apply for?
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Re: Getting Sponsorship 2022/4/24 18:24
Your employer needs to apply for a COE for you before you can get a visa. If they are sponsoring you then they should know what information and documents you need to provide in order for them to apply. I recommend talking to your employer about this.
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Re: Getting Sponsorship 2022/4/25 11:41
i'm wondering how do people get sponsorship from their employers?
You need to be employ.

Secure an employment first then the company/employer will start the ball rolling with all the necessary procedure/documentation/application for COE(Certificate of Eligibility). Your future employer will ask your for some documents related to COE application.

Once the COE is approved, then you need to bring the COE to your nearest Japanese embassy/consulate to apply for work visa.

1. Secure/get employment.
2. Company/Employer start COE application.
3. Bring approve COE to nearest Japanese embassy for visa application.
4. Enter Japan with COE and visa.
5. Yokoso Japan.
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