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JR Pass: Student change to Temporary Visitor 2022/4/26 21:27
Dear All,

I could not find a definite answer on this forum or anywhere else for that matter to a trivial question concerning JR Pass eligibility, which is mostly defined in these terms: "The Japan Rail Pass can be used only by short term visitors to Japan, who enter Japan as 'temporary visitors' ".

What happens when someone first enters on a student visa and upon completion of studies changes to Temporary Visitor at the Immigration Bureau (while still inside Japan)? They are technically not entering as a Temporary Visitor, but will have a new visa in their passport.

Will a previously purchased (eg. online) JR Pass be issued with such status? ...or are they looking for a visible entry stamp on the Temporary Visitor visa?

Many Thanks!
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Re: JR Pass: Student change to Temporary Visitor 2022/4/27 05:22
I am sure that what matters is not the status you had when you entered Japan, but the current status that you will be holding. So, if you are a temporary visitor at the time of travel, you will be able to use the pass.
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Re: JR Pass: Student change to Temporary Visitor 2022/4/27 07:46
I agree with Uji - it is the current status, not what you entered as. When switching to temporary visitor they will probably place the necessary sticker in your passport. The procedure used by JR staff is to check your passport for that proof. If you have it (proof of status) separately (not sure why, but possible), then you would show that.
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