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Covid 19 4th Dose 2022/4/29 18:58
Hi there, Ifm planning to come to Japan on June 1st week on a business travelling purpose.

I have been vaccinated with 2 dose of Astrazeneca and i took my booster shot Astrazeneca as well which makes me ineligible for the quarantine exemption.

My question is if i took the 4th jab as Pfizer which means Ifm vaccinated with Astrazeneca + Astrazeneca + Astrazeneca + Pfizer

Would it enable me to skip the quarantine period? Or the Japanese gov does not recognize the 4th jab yet?

Please do help me.

Thank u!!
by Cantona99999 (guest)  

Re: Covid 19 4th Dose 2022/5/2 22:44
Dear Cantona99999,

the possibility to skip the quarantine period depends on if you are from a country or region designated as requiring quarantine at government-designated accommodations.

Your 4th booster could be from a differend Vaccine as the others! So the Combination AstraZeneca and Pfizer should be no problem.

On this site, you get all kind of informations about Travel Regulations and certivicates for traveling to japan:

You can choose your hometown Airport and the Airport in Japan and get your answers!

I hope it helps a little bit! :-)

Greetings from Germany,

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Re: Covid 19 4th Dose 2022/5/3 10:36
The Japanese government has not yet started the 4th shot - and is considering providing it to (health care workers I guess but for the general population) only those 65 and above.

In your case, it is true AstraZeneca - AstraZeneca - AstraZeneca does not qualify you for the exception, but if you get a Pfizer on top of it, (AZ - AZ -Pfizer is accepted), they might consider that OK. Check with the embassy of Japan in your country though.
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