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Residency card question 2022/5/1 02:52
Hi All,

I have a question on the residency card..

So I have been living in Japan for around 4 years and to that point I had a 1 year Spouse visa, then a 3 year spouse and last year I got my current 5 years Spouse visa.

So anyway, unfortunately my father was unwell with cancer and I decided to come back to the UK to spend a few months with him.. I left Japan December 1st 2021. When I left the customs officer gave me a special re-entry permit. It says I must return within 1 year.

I will be returning on the 11th of May...but before Ieft Japan my wife told me we had to inform the city hall that I would be away and not living at our address in Japan. so we took my name of the address and told them my UK address.

My question is..does that make the residency card void? It worries me as I have my wife and kids in Japan .

I will be re-rejistering again within 2 weeks of returning at the city hall.

I did just check the card validaty on a MOFA website and it says It's still valid and not expired. But does it cause issues if the address was removed?

the actual card which I have here, shows the address I was living at and is valid until 2026.

anyone think I'm ok and worrying too much?
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Re: Residency card question 2022/5/2 14:16
As far as I know, you should be OK.

What is important is that the resident status as gspouse of Japaneseh is valid, which it must be, that you do have a re-entry permit, and that you are returning within one year.
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