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Visa photo 2022/5/1 18:07
Will there be any problems if I have my ears and half of my forehead covered by my hair on my visa photo?(it looks almost the same as the photo used in my passport). I already got my visa and embassy didn't say anything about this
by DanielChris  

Re: Visa photo 2022/5/3 01:46
If your visa has already been approved and issued then I don't see why you would be concerned about this? If there were any problems with the photo then they would not have accepted it.
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Re: Visa photo 2022/5/3 02:05
@Liz I was thinking that there might be problems at the immigration check in Japan. Idk, I might be over worrying
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Re: Visa photo 2022/5/3 23:58
You definitely are. If the picture was that bad then there is very little chance that they would have issued the visa without asking you to provide a better one. Don't worry.
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