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Top 5 Hip Hop Artists in Japan? 2005/6/20 10:32
I'd like to know who are the top 5 hip hop artists/groups in Japan right now. I know the genre is real popular over there. When I visited I was amazed to see a thriving hip-hop subculture....
by VoodooChylde  

i have a cuz in japan 2005/6/21 02:05
i have a cuz in japan and he's an english teacher and he said instead of listening to alot of japanese music they try to listen to english rap or hip hop and try to sing along. As for the Japanese people he said alot of girls knew about Ayumi and Koda Kumi

hope that helped
by Chibi Neko rate this post as useful

I agree 2005/6/21 02:09
Oh yeah thats true but also i think like Kwon BoA is well known. Alot of people in japan also like american rap like said before but i know a few japanaese people who all agree and think that BoA's a slut (Not that that has anything to do with what were talking about)
by OokamiGurl rate this post as useful

Although.... 2005/6/25 14:04
Although the names of the artists listed above are good...I think their more like R&B than hip hop... If you want something close to hip hop... try W-inds or Orange Range... their more like pop... but from time to time.. in their songs... they rap... I dont remember hearing any rapping in any of Boa, Ayumi, or Koda Kumi's songs... although I haven't heard much of their music...
yea anyway check out W-inds and Orange Range... their pretty cool... If i find anything close to rappers... i'll let u kno... hhmm... maybe even Minwoo....
Later ...
by CC rate this post as useful

Got some... 2005/6/25 14:44
Iiight... i found more for you... theres:
Rip Slyme
Kick the Can Crew
Day After Tomorrow
Thats about it rite now.... 5 really good groups... enjoy... please reply wen u hear them bye bye
by CC rate this post as useful

Shinrai shite ! 2005/6/25 21:50
They aren't too popular but they rock the place since so much times and they makes interesting music featuring great artist from all over the world, i'm surprized nobody talk about them so let me introduce :
_DJ KRUSH(dj,producer)


by Flopy rate this post as useful

Hip hop in Japan 2005/6/26 00:11
The top hip-hop acts in Japan right now are all America. While Japan does have its own hip-hop, American hip-hop often hit the Oricon charts at higher positions then their Japanese counterparts. 50 Cent, The Game, Nelly, etc. if it`S popular in America, it`s popular here.

If you wanna know about some Japanese hip-hop artists some suggested artists are:

Nitro Microphone Underground
Norisam X
Rip Slyme
Dragon Ash
Kick the Can Crew
East End

This list is mix of hip-hop artists with various styles (from hip-pop to more underground stuff).
by Banna rate this post as useful

! 2005/8/7 19:19
I really love Nitro Microphon Underground. I'd like to mention Nujabes. It's not really hip hop, but jazz music (sometimes with rap).

Please mention more artists!!!
by Lady Yen rate this post as useful

The Best Are 2005/8/8 19:58
When me and my wife lived in her apartment in Yokohama i used to look at MTV Japan. Which in my opinion MTV sucks all over. The top Hip hop artist was ZEBRA, DABO, AI. I luv AI, She is so dam pretty(Japanese Lauren), Hill). I luv Yoshika on the R@B side. I think Hip Hop is most popular art fron in JApan from the western world, Dance hall Reggae is huge to. I hate Raggae, but they luv it here. BET is where its at
by DOUBLE M. rate this post as useful

... 2005/8/9 06:34
orange range
by Kawaii Eban rate this post as useful

My top picks 2005/8/13 17:00
I don't even like hip hop, but these singers are freekin' aweosme:


by Tori rate this post as useful

where ? 2005/8/29 05:08
i haven't a clue about Japanese artist but would really like to hear some stuff. I also would like to know if anyone knows information on how a USA hip hop rock band can do some shows in Japan
by kameelah rate this post as useful

Japanese music... 2005/10/21 00:37
Well besides Japanese hip-hop there is no Japanese music in the UK. There is no foreign music in the UK at all, but the very odd song can sometimes come into the UK and when foriegn songs are on a album. Would like to hear some Japanese hip-hop.
by Russell rate this post as useful

hippahoppa 2005/10/28 08:56
Scha Dara Parr (S.D.P)
These guys are still kind of underground, they have an "in" with american artists such as De La Soul, Pete Rock, Beastie Boys, etc. My personal favorite's from Yokohama. Theyre good friends with BAPE'sta General Nigo as well as hippster/songwriter Cornelius.

Afra (Human Beatbox)
Originally from Osaka-lived abroad in NYC where he hada chance encounter with The Roots beatboxer Rahzel-he has a couple of cds out the last in which was produced by WARP recording artist Prefuse/73-you can see him everywhere from Relax Magazine to doing commercials on Japanese TV. Seen on hiphop documentaries such as SCRATCH and BREATH CONTROL. He now tours with other Beatboxers as a "band" playing from Japan to Spain.

Takagi Khan
Hes old school on the Japanese hiphop charts...respect. If there wasnt him-Japanese hiphop would be years behind.

Buddha Brand
Dont know much about these guys, but they come with the hardcore sound. I like some of their tracks.

Japans underground mixtape king-held in high regards from all over the world as a professional in the deejay/mixtape realm-a real crate digger.

Probably the most well known hiphop deejay from japan who has worked with almost every well known underground hiphoppa-Mos Def, De La Soul, Pete Rock, Dj.Shadow, El P, Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, The Roots. Supposedly in his early days he was involved with Yakuza but got out early just in time-leaving with all ten digits completely intact.

Honorable mentions...

Shingo2 -located in california-he spits in Japanese and English...often working with Nujabes, Living Legends crew. If you watch Samurai Champloo (English) he spits the verses on "Battlecry".

Lyrics Born-half Japanese Quannum Projects [home of Blackalicious,Dj.Shadow,Lifesavas, Latyrx] spitter,probably the BEST showman ive seen on stage-has a raspy voice and is funnier than hell-although I dont think hes ever spit a verse in Japanese-at least on tape that is. Im sure youve heard his voice and song "Callin Out" on Coke commercials over the past year and a half.
by darren rate this post as useful

he's cool 2005/11/5 18:45
by midnight sun rate this post as useful

Hip Hop 2005/11/6 16:01
Namie Amuro ("Hip Pop")
by Daniel rate this post as useful

I LOVE this stuff 2005/12/26 17:51
Hey thanks everyone for giving so many suggestions. I listened to some of them and this is what my favorites are:

1.Amuro Namie (albums "Queen of Hip Hop" and "STYLE")
3.Koda Kumi (album "Secret")
4.Orange Range
5.Kick the Can Crew

Other miscallenous favorite songs include "Crystal Kay loves M-Flo - REEEPLAY!" and "Maaya Sakamoto - Bitter Sweet"
by Frosty rate this post as useful

hot group in japan rite now... 2006/1/5 23:56
Teriyaki Boyz...
by Lov. Sicc rate this post as useful

good suggestions... 2006/1/7 00:25
Like someone else said earlier, AI is a good place to start, she's a Japanese female MC. Also, Dabo and S-Word (both from Nitro Microphone Underground) are worth checking out
by jumpoff501 rate this post as useful

forum 2006/1/18 02:22
hello peoples, just was wondering, do any of yall know any japan hiphop forum or website i could visit. cuz i'd like to hear their music n hav get to know sum of these acts. if u do, id really appreciate it if ud post a link. thanks.
by MicWreck rate this post as useful

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