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Roosters as a gift 2022/5/7 16:49
My friend in japan messaged me today ,
That he want to gift me roosters ,
Is it legal to bring ?
I planned to go to japan in few months ,
Travelling is not new to me ,
So if I travel to japan from india ,
If he give those roosters (gift)
How can I took back those roosters to my homeland,
What are the procedures I need to bring my gift ?
Do I need to pay any extra fee ?
by Jeebiyar (guest)  

Re: Roosters as a gift 2022/5/8 10:30
no you can not. it is a bird. birds cannot cross borders for serious disease reasons.
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Re: Roosters as a gift 2022/5/10 23:16
Is their any way like transport ?
I want to transport it ,
They are healthy and beautiful hens and roosters ,
Total 5 ,
2 adult amd 3 small ,
If I get any healthy certificate can I transport them ?
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Re: Roosters as a gift 2022/5/13 13:54
@Jeebiyar, I think 'birds cannot cross borders' means that you cannot export birds regardless method, rather than you cannot fly with birds. No matter your roosters and hens are healthy at the time you receive from your friend, the rules apply to you as well because they can be infected anytime.

Even if birds' infectious disease problem was solved and exporting became possible, you still need to seach rules with authority although I am not sure if Animal Quarantine Service (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/MAFF) is right one.

By the way, how do you keep them after receiving from your friend till your departure Everywhere you involve, accommodation, transportations for example, should have rules for public hygiene.
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Re: Roosters as a gift 2022/5/13 17:07
It isn't necessarily true that birds cannot cross borders in all cases. I know someone who has crossed land borders (by car) with chickens. However I don't know anything about the rules with regards to moving roosters between Japan and India. If you really want to find out about whether or not you can take the animals back to India with you then the first thing you should probably do is contact whatever Indian government agency is in charge of enforcing the rules around these things. They will be able to give you the information you need.

In any case though I suspect that whatever potential solution may or may not exist will probably turn out to be more trouble than it is worth. A rooster is not particularly expensive to buy, and the extra expenses involved with transporting them (yes there will be fees: shipping fees, quarantine, and probably more) is quite likely to exceed the market price of the animals themselves.
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Re: Roosters as a gift 2022/5/14 12:56
Before crossing a border, roosters will be unable to move even in Japan if the infected one is found in nearby area until this quarantine time is over.
According to my Japanese friend who used to work for an eggs factory.
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