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Can my PR be revoked if moving abroad? 2022/5/10 09:04
So I was able to obtain PR through the Highly Skilled Professional fast track. I've been living in Japan for 2 years and 5 months and I'll be returning to my home country for work and family pourposes .
I want to keep my PR status in case I return one day to Japan and settle here definitely.
I know that you can keep it with the re entry permits, but for how may years are they granted? Also is not a problem traveling to Japan for renewal if the card, I will probably be flying once a year for short stays.
Would I need to aply for the re entry every time I land and depart from the Japan? And also I would want to know If I have to report my worldwide income to Japan since I'm a PR but living abroad. My total residence time in Japan has been 2 years,5 months.
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Re: Can my PR be revoked if moving abroad? 2022/5/11 10:56
There are two types of re-entry permit.

1. Special Re-entry Permission
The one you just tick on the form at airport(free), valid for one year from the date of departure or
upto expiration of your resident status, whichever come first.

2. Re-entry Permission
This one you need to apply at the immigration office, come with 3,000 yen (one-time re-entry) or
6,000 yen (multiple-time re-entry). Valid for 5 years or upto expiration of your resident status,
whichever come first.

Your problem will be maintaining Japan address, insurance, taxes and pension etc. related to renewing your PR. PR resident card expiration is 7 years.

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