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November Itinerary 2022/5/17 05:39
Hi All,

My itinerary for November is as follows:

November 13-18 - Kyoto

November 18-19 - Koyasan

November 19-22 - Osaka (inc. Nara)

November 22-24 - Kanazawa

November 24-25 - Shirakawago

November 25-27 - Takayama

November 27-December 01 - Yamanakako (with car to explore Hakone etc)

December 01-06 - Tokyo

Have been advised elsewhere I should consider flipping this and doing it the other way round as it will align better with Autumn foliage. Would be interested for 2nd opinions!

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Re: November Itinerary 2022/5/17 07:10
Yes, I think an inversion makes sense. I would start with Yamanakako then do the trip backwards and do the last days in Tokyo. Otherwise it might be a bit too late for koyo in the alps.
Generally tge idea is that the higher the place the earlier the koyo, so putting Yamanakako and Takayama at the beginning makes sense.
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