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Moving out extra fees 2022/5/18 21:08
Sometime ago I moved out of my old apartment and moved into a new one! both apartments are under the same renting company.
Few days after moving out I received the bill for the cleaning/moving out fees from the company which was around 50.000\ and I paid them right away.
After some other days I received a call from an unknown number to which I didnft reply ecause was in the middle of the day and I was in my uni class. I usually donft call back unknown numbers and I never received any other call from that number ever again.
After a month living in my new apartment I got to the offices to pay my rent and everything went smooth!
Few days after i had to contact the customer services through mail cause I realized I forgot an item in the old apartment and I asked them if by any chance they could help me getting it back.
While getting the help needed to recover it, after a couple emails, the girl assisting me added to the email:
gThe owner of the apartment also sent us the cost of the cleaning fees of the apartment! they tried to contact you through phone but you didnft reply(that one and only time that I didnft pick up, they never tried to reach me again or in other ways)c now that you are aware here are the details *she sent how much for each damage like aircon filters etc* total is (a lot) XX.000\h
To which I replied asking why they were telling me about this just now? Why didnft I receive any receipt or anything else since they knew my address? Why wasnft this included in the prior one already paid for?
And a bunch of other questions and asked for more in-depth explanations since the infos she was forwarding from the owner to me sounded a bit sketchy and didnft match(like the day of the inspection etc.)/made no sense to me. I also asked to at least to send me some official documents not just a random mail/or phone call that says ghey now that you are aware, pay!h.
The girl that was being the third party in this whole situation simply told me that she couldnft do/explain to me much more and since I was now aware of the fees they were going to send me the billing and invoice from the owner to which I replied gyes please, I am willing to pay but i would like to receive some official documents instead of a mail or random phone call, and I would like to discuss about the total cause it seems a bit high to me, thank youh
Is now been several months and I still never received anything, I also went to their offices again several times to pay the rent and the people working there never told me anything regarding the feesc
Should I ask about this whole situation again since I never heard back from them?c I would really like to avoid problems but at the same time this whole situation seems just a scam/a way to get more money from mec. I am confused on what to doc
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Re: Moving out extra fees 2022/5/19 06:56
Seems like normal landlord scam.

You called their bluff. They ain't chasing it now.
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Re: Moving out extra fees 2022/5/19 11:51
Maybe the landlord forgot that youfd already paid them, or the company received the money from you but forgot to forward it to the landlord - in any case, they are not pursuing it any further, so thatfs settled. (They must have noticed it but might be too embarrassed to bring it up to apologize.)
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Re: Moving out extra fees 2022/5/19 14:53
It was most likely a scam. If they haven't persued you and it was a REAL issue, they would have definitely sent you something in the mail about it. Getting a phone call with someone making a threat to say you owe money is not based on anything other than words.

As you said, it's been months and there is nothing more about it, so that means it wasn't true and they probably just wanted extra money out of you because people in Japan would probably pay so they wouldn't inconvenience someone else, even if it were a lie.

I honestly wouldn't worry about it as there needs to be documented proof of what they are claiming.

Actually, I once rented an apartment from a guy when I was in Japan on a holiday many years ago and I paid him and rented the room. He then moved me out of the room to another room because the room I had was bigger and said it was for a bunch of other guests. He never said I had to pay any extra money and just demanded I move my room, which I had at his request. Upon a couple days later, he came to my new room and said "you have to pay me xxx more money because you're in a nicer room than before." I told him it wasn't part of the agreement as I had already paid him and HE was the one who moved me out of the room, not me requesting it. He made some kind of threat saying he will kick me out if I didn't pay and I suggested if he wants to do that, but I mentioned I would ask one of my friends (who was a police officer in Japan) and then he never brought up the extra money again.

Just comes to show there will always be scummy people trying to get extra money out of you, even when you never agreed to it, so please be vigilant.
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