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20 hours layover 2022/5/20 12:05
Good day. My husband who is 71 yrs old will have a 20 hours of lay over in Narita Japan coming back to America from the Philippines .Is there any way to know what will be best to do while waiting for his flight? We tried to call airline and already email Japan Airline but no response. Any good advice ? Please help me ..worried since he will travel alone and has problem with walking.
Thank you
by Amelia Ocon (guest)  

Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/20 17:44
Narita town is interesting enough for a look and has decent food, though not much good if you struggle walking.
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Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/20 22:41
Dear Amelia Ocon,

I found this site with a few helpful Tipps for a long layover at Narita Airport:


It seems that your Husband can (beside eating and shopping) have a rest in some transit Hotels (or a capsule hotel) or maybe can take a shower only in some Restrooms if he need this, at the Airport.
There are some Lounges too, but most of them must be prebooking, if i read the page correctly.

I hope it helps a little bit!

Greetings from Germany,
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Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/21 02:22
Does he have permission to leave the airport premises while on this layover? During the pandemic, it may be even harder to get permission to leave the airport if one is coming from countries that are on the dangerous list. Best to check with the airline to see if they can leave the airport at all.
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Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/21 03:22
If he is not "entering" Japan (i.e., strictly a transfer of planes) then the options are limited to airport gate area. There are toilets, places to eat, and comfortable chairs. Check with the airline company to see if they have a lounge area he can use.
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Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/21 08:01
He cannot stay air-side overnight, and is not currently allowed into Japan. If this is any time soon (like the next couple of months), you need a different flight.
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Re: 20 hours layover 2022/5/21 18:29
As a person who once left a foreign airport (a big one located in the U.S.) with aging parents and ended up missing our flight, I agree with the idea of staying inside Narita Airport as much as possible.

I should add that we missed the flight, because (A) we didn't calculate the time it'd take to understand a foreign public transportation system, (B) we didn't calculate the time to finish an extremely slow tour ride, (C) we didn't calculate the extended time it'd take at post-9.11 security, (D) because my aging parents didn't know what they were doing and I wasn't that detailed either.

It seems that it's not your husband who is doing the research himself, which could mean that there would be a risk of miscommunication, especially in emergencies. The pandemic and visa issues are not helping either.

So, even if he decides to leave the airport (which would be a few hours after landing, granted that he has the right to leave), I suggest that it should be within maybe 8 hours and to a place he could travel on a direct and frequent bus/train. He shouldn't expect to be easily fetching a return taxi (and Uber rides aren't common at all in Japan). For the rest of the 8 hours or so, he could enjoy Narita Airport itself, which in fact is wonderful.
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