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Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/21 13:46
Hi every one

May i know that if immigration reject permanent visa application after how many month i can apply again for permanent
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Re: Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/22 13:38
I am assuming that you have been in Japan on a resident status (I don’t know which kind) for some years already, and that you are talking about applying for a “change of resident status” from the one you have to “permanent resident.”

When such an application is rejected, you will need to find out the reason - if you applied through an immigration lawyer, get them to go to immigration bureau and ask in person. The immigration bureau is not obliged to tell you the exact reason, and the applicant or the immigration lawyer (as far as I know) has only one chance to get to talk to them to hear the reason, so you’d need to be tactical about it.

It is not really a matter of how long - unlike new visa application from outside Japan, there doesn’t seem to be a set time period after which you can re-apply - but unless the circumstances change (such as income, employment, etc.), applying once more would not make a difference, unless it was some missing document or procedural issue. Best wishes.
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Re: Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/23 17:32
My kid is working did there salary will count with me or not
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Re: Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/23 18:41
As far as I know, if your child(ren) belong to the same household, and if they are contributing to the household income, their salary can be added together.
There seems to be a minimum income requirement for one person (meaning the applicant, yourself), plus a certain amount per your dependent…
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Re: Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/23 19:17
Thanks Ak

My story is to long my daughter who is 21 year old will stay with me but recently she change her address as i attach her hikoshi papers to with my application and my son who is 18 now is staying with me and doing part time job his sailry papers are attached but i got rejected because of them kids salary are not counted thts the reason a week ago i do lot of discission in immigration that if you people didnot count there salary then why you people will say to me that my salary is not enough they are working and affcourse my daughter will stay with us till last year 12 gatsu made but they wind up the story with it that there salary will be not counted though i have proof of every thing and submitt it in immigration
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Re: Permanent visa rejection 2022/5/23 20:53

probably, your son's status is a dependent (of you).
in this case, his income will not be counted.
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