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Intracompany transfer - Bringing spouse 2022/5/22 01:20
Hello all, in the next couple of months I will be applying for COE through an Intracompany job offer (Ifll hopefully be relocating to the Osaka office of my current company), my question is how does the process go for bringing my wife, is there any possible way of us applying at the same time and being able to move together, or will I have to activate my visa and then sponsor her once Ifm in Japan? Thanks in advance
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Re: Intracompany transfer - Bringing spouse 2022/5/22 13:41
Isnft your employerfs lawyer/legal department helping you with the visa application process for yourself? (They would be providing the documents for your transfer to Japan, I assume?) It would be best if they find out the process and help you with the procedures.

There is likely going to be some time delay - youfd receive the CoE (certificate of eligibility) first as gintra-company transferee,h while getting all the required documents ready for your wife, and once you receive the visa based on the CoE, immediately start the process for gdependenth visa application for your wife. Still there might be some time delay between your arrival in Japan and hers (due to longer time needed for CoE process time under the pandemic).

In the past, there was a way around it, where (assuming both of you are US citizens) after you have received your gintra-company transfereeh visa, your wife would have been able to come together with you to Japan on gtemporary visitorh status (visa waiver program), then once in Japan apply for a change of status to gdependent,h but nowadays the immigration authority is more strict about changing from gtemporary visitorh status to any longer-term status, and the handling of family-based status such as your situation is not really well known (as far as I know). Best wishes.
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Re: Intracompany transfer - Bringing spouse 2022/5/22 17:22
ask your company and let them take the paperwork for your spouse simultaneously. it is easy work.
many poster's asked the same question here, but in their cases, company did not help them, because they were one of many hired persons of unknown. but, your case is different. your company should help to do it.
intracompany means your status sticks to your company. you can't change the company without changing a status to an ordinary one. immigration's interpretation is that you move to a division, which is located in Japan, but you are in the same company (group). your company is responsible for helping you.
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Re: Intracompany transfer - Bringing spouse 2022/5/23 10:28
You can apply for both intra-company transferee and dependent visa at the same time. When I first moved to Japan (some years ago) that was the advice I received from my Japanese lawyer and the applications went in at the same time.
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Re: Intracompany transfer - Bringing spouse 2022/5/23 11:07
to JapanCustomTours
I think what you did is "regular" process.
"come first alone and take paperwork for spouse" is "irregular" process.
why the two processes are considered in this forum "reversely" ?

why OP is anxious about spouse's visa ?
if it is the case that a Japanese is sent to some country with intracompany visa, the company will take care everything. why OP's company is so un-helpful ? is that the difference between Japan and other countries ?
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