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Huis Ten Bosch midnight transportation 2022/5/24 19:07
Hi, I am planning with my family of 6 to spend our New Year's eve at Huis Ten Bosch up until the fireworks display. Probably we will be staying at Nagasaki for a few days in between for Mt. Inasa, museums and historical sights, and possibly going to Beppu.

I'd like to ask what our options are in transportation from Huis Ten Bosch (HTB) to Nagasaki beyond midnight (that is, after the fireworks). Taxis are way too expensive and possibly need 2 of them (same goes for the HTB hotels nearby).

Thank you, and keep safe.
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Re: Huis Ten Bosch midnight transportation 2022/5/25 08:11
Only self drive. Stay one night in HSB or nearby or at least in Sasebo.
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Re: Huis Ten Bosch midnight transportation 2022/5/25 10:59
If you stay at Sasebo or HTB, stop at the Nagasaki Bio Park on the way to Nagasaki (it is closer to Sasebo). The Bio Park is fantastic, one of the best things I've done in many trips.

Fun Fact, as you go past Sasebo you will see some very tall cylindrical looking things. They are the radio transmitters that sent the attack signal for Pear Harbour.

Haus Ten Bosch itself is pretty but I nearly went insane listening to the music blaring all day (we used it as a place to stay before going to the Bio Park), but nice I suppose if you have an obsession for Holland, which I personally dont, so the point of it all kind of escaped me.
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Re: Huis Ten Bosch midnight transportation 2022/5/25 15:07
Oh, that's sad, for such a big event such as the New Year fireworks countdown (not that whole of Sasebo available slots nor Huis can accommodate the sheer number of people that night), would not provide transportation for the public :(

I'm interested! I've heard people swear the Biopark is a must.
Hopefully, the Nagasaki ropeway and museums, and the Biopark be open around Dec 28 onwards :)

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