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Immigration lawyer/agent recommendations 2022/6/4 21:59

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I am a UK citizen living in London with a Japanese girlfriend currently located in Tokyo. We would like to live together in the UK. We are looking for recommendations for immigration layers/agents to help us with the immigration application procedures.

We also have question in respect of the impact this would have on her citizenship and possible future plans to live in Japan, so would like to find someone with specific experience of dealing with Japanese immigration into the UK.
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Re: Immigration lawyer/agent recommendations 2022/6/5 11:55

For living in the UK, youfd need to find an immigration lawyer gin the UKh who is familiar with the spouse visa matter with the UK Home Office first.

I (Japanese national) have experience getting a spouse visa to live in the UK (so that my Continental EU spouse and I could live in the UK together). But i know that the rules and requirements concerning non-UK nationals getting spouse visa for the UK have gotten stricter over the years, and of course Brexit changed the situation a lot, so my experience about the specifics regarding your girlfriend getting UK spouse visa would not help. (We did consult an immigration lawyer - actually someone who used to work in the HOme Office - but i donft remember his name.)

I can say that since I simply got gspouseh visa to live in the UK, and kept my Japanese citizenship, so when we decided to move back to Japan, it was just a matter of applying for the gspouse of Japanese nationalh for my EU spouse after reporting our UK law-based marriage to the Japanese authorities. Best wishes.
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Re: Immigration lawyer/agent recommendations 2022/6/5 16:48
Try UK immigration and legal advice forums, subreddits, etc. since there is nothing really related to Japan in your question and therefore not that great of a chance that anyone here will be able to offer anything super helpful to you.

That being said your partner immigrating to the UK is not going to affect her Japanese citizenship in any way, shape, or form. Nor will it affect your ability to live together in Japan in the future. In fact having lived together in the UK is only going to have a positive affect on your ability to move to Japan as her spouse in the future if that is something you are thinking about.

Good luck
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Re: Immigration lawyer/agent recommendations 2022/6/6 19:51
I went through this process last year and used Sabz Solicitors, who did a good job.

Just FYI, I initially started with another company called ICS Legal but they were appallingly incompetent and in the end I had to cut my losses and start with another company.

Let me know if you need any further help.
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