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How to say "the one I love does not....." 2022/6/11 15:07
I have only studied a bit of japanese, but I wanted to know how to say "the one I love does not love me".
When i use the keyboard translator on my phone, I get this:
And while it looks correct, I'm not sure if this is a weird way of saying it.
Thank you for any help.
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Re: How to say ''the one I love does not.....'' 2022/6/12 11:26
Nothing is wrong with it, but if a Japanese person is to say/write it, it would be something more like (provided that person uses the expression 愛する “to love”):
…using the “(te-form of verb) + kureru.” (“Kurenai” is the negative form of it.)

Or one might express it in a shorter phrase: 私の片思い (my one-sided love).
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