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Phrasing goodbye 2022/6/13 08:53
Hi everyone.

I am leaving my ALT position at a BOE after three years here with the same students.
I have an excellent relationship with the students and the teachers. So much so that they want to give me a ceremony and have me give a speech.

My Japanese is decent for daily conversation, but I have no experience in using Japanese to quit.
I'm assuming I can't just say I'm quitting. I'm sure there's some long phrase in Japanese when people quit a job.

I found a lot of phrases online for quitting a Japanese company, but no specific phrases when addressing students (junior high level) regarding my departing.

I want to convey that I'm proud of them, I've loved my time with them, I'm sad that I'm quitting, I hope they continue giving their best with English education, and that I will still live around the area and hope to see them around town.

Can anyone help me say those sentiments in Japanese in a friendly, but polite way?

Thank you.
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Re: Phrasing goodbye 2022/6/13 22:12
You will probably be asked by some of the students what you will be doing after this, but you donft have to put it in the speech. Can I suggest something like the following?

Kyou wa, watashi no o-wakare kai wo hiraite kurete, arigatou.
(Thank you for holding a farewell assembly for me today.)

Minna to wakareru no wa sabishii desu.
(I am going to miss you.)

Minna wo, san-nen kan oshieru koto ga dekite, ureshiku omotte imasu.
(I am happy that I have been able to teach you for 3 years.)

Soshite, isshou kenmei benkyou shite iru minna wo, hokorashiku omotte imasu.
(And I am proud of all of you, who have been putting full efforts into studying.)

Korekara mo, eigo wo manabu koto wo tanoshinde kudasai.
(Please continue to enjoy learning English.)

Kono machi ni wa korekara mo imasu node, dokoka de watashi wo mikaketara, koe wo kakete kudasai.
(I will be in this town, so if you see me somewhere, please say hi.)

Imamade arigatou. (Thank you for everything till now.)
Issho ni oshieta sensei-gata ni mo, kansha shite imasu. Arigatou gozaimashita.
(I am also thankful to the teachers who have taught with me. Thank you.)
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Re: Phrasing goodbye 2022/6/14 06:24
Wow! Thank you so much for your help!
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