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Would it be wrong to upsize a kimono to fit? 2022/6/17 04:27
I recently bought a kimono to start collecting for an outfit for when I go to Japan in a few years (saving enough money is hard when I want to buy all the pretty kimonos I see online ;^;) and it doesn't fit. I normally wear 3xl-4xl (so 24-26) and I knew that it would be a big stretch to find anything to fit so I wondered if it would wrong to upsize it to make it fit? I know I won't be able to match fabrics but the kimono is so pretty (and was pretty exspensive for my budget but I honestly thought it might slightly fit but nope, it doesnt) so I hoped that there might be a way. I debated on making a kimono myself but I've read a few other posts and dont think Id be able to make one unless theres a pattern that could go that big. Ive seen a pattern that went up to a size 20 but I'm not sure it would look right with the extra panels Id need? Unless it would be okay to do that? Really unsure if any of those options would work so any help is appreciated!
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Re: Would it be wrong to upsize a kimono to fit? 2022/6/17 07:20
Um, not sure what you are attempting here but unless you are a skilled tailor I wonder how you could change a kimono. It isnft as easy to just put an additional piece of fabric in the middle of the back.
What might be easier (and potential a lot more wearable) is to use the pretty fabric of your expensive kimono to tailor a skirt or a jacket. Ie to just use the fabric and make something completely different from it. My mother did that with a used kimono she specifically bought as fabric and got a really nice skirt.
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Re: Would it be wrong to upsize a kimono to fit? 2022/6/17 09:50
Kimono is made to be upsized a little bit by using the seam allowance, but in your case that wouldn't work. You should've bought a big-sized one, because they do exist.

But, of course, you are free to "remake" your kimono in whatever way you want. Even though it wouldn't be an authentic kimono any more, it's still clothing, and whether it's going to look good or not depends on the designer whom in this case is you. You can even sew it into a Western style dress, and you'd still be using the beautiful fabric of the kimono you bought.

By the way, in my grandmother's days, it was the norm for women to sew their own kimono. I've sewn one myself, and my mother sewed me a couple. You can try purchasing a "tanmono" (fabric for kimono) and sew one yourself. Note that sewing smooth silk would be much more difficult than sewing cotton kimono, though.

Sewing it from traditional tanmono in a traditional way is quite different (but not difficult) from sewing from Western fabric, but if you Google "how to sew kimono" you'll find ways to do it Western style.
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Re: Would it be wrong to upsize a kimono to fit? 2022/6/18 06:45
Oh I see, thank you both! As far as tanmono if I can't get two rolls of the exact same fabric would it be strange to use another fabric with it? Like say plain purple for everything but the front, and the front peices being something more elaborate? Or is it just best all around to try and get two of the same tanmono? I've looked at a few tanmono and I'm just worried that one wouldn't be enough to make it in my size since the few tutorial videos I've looked at use the entire roll for a kimono much smaller than my measurements (though it was really helpful on see how everything was assembled notmally). From what I saw on Ebay and a couple on Etsy the average length of the tanmono's (second hand ones that is) was 10-12 meters but I'm not sure if tanmono's directly from Japan are longer. Thanks for taking the time for my weird questions. I'm not the best at sewing so I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about this cause I'd feel so bad if I messed up making one myself.
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Re: Would it be wrong to upsize a kimono to fit? 2022/6/19 23:38
Traditionally, a tanmono must be cut and sewn so that designs precisely appear at the correct part of the body when worn.

For example, you will realize that, by sewing correctly, a design would be connected from section to section to create something like one big tree or animal. Here is a good example I happened to find. Although two pieces of cloth is sewn right in the middle of the body's back, you can see that lines connect from left to right eventually creating something like one big landscape.

You can avoid this by using solid colors with no pictures at all. Or you can just ignore the whole tradition and sew bits and pieces together to create an unconventional clothing that's somewhat like a kimono.

But all in all, I think you should first narrow down what you really want to do. For example, do you want to sew your own kimono? Then, start by buying cotton tanmono. Or do you want to wear an authentic semi-formal wear with gorgeous designs? Then have one custom made, even though it's going to cost you. Or are you fascinated by the design rather than the shape of the kimono? Then forget about conventional patterns and create a Western style dress out of kimono fabric. Or do you want to utilize the kimono you already bought? Then change the way you wear it by showing more tsuke-eri and using less ohashori.
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