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Has anyone used the PayPay debit card before? 2022/6/17 05:59
I just moved here and I need a debit card but most banks require at least 6 months of living in Japan before being able to open an account (Already got rejected by Rakuten). Does anyone know if it's the same for Paypay bank? I couldn't find anything on their site regarding the 6 months rule
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Re: Has anyone used the PayPay debit card before? 2022/6/17 07:10
You mean you canft open an account? Or you canft get a credit card?

When I opened my first account some years ago that was absolutely no problem as long as you have a registered address on your sairyu card. I opened my first account at Shinsei Beni, in case you want to try.

What WAS difficult is getting a credit card. My husband/I applied for various credit cards but were turned down everywhere including Rakuten although we were both working and had very good salaries. I only managed to get one after changing my account to Citibank (now SMBC Prestia) and having had my salary go there for a few months. Then they accepted my application for a Visa card. Soon after I also got an Amex w/o any problems. I hold on to both cards for the 5 years I wasnft living in Japan (which was no problem) (I did also keep the Prestia account open).

But as said opening an account to get a DEBIT card shouldnft be complicated. I would try Prestia if they still issue credit cards. Shinsei back then didnft issue their own credit cards. You wonft be able to get a Prestia credit card right away, but at least you are already with the right bank.
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Re: Has anyone used the PayPay debit card before? 2022/6/17 12:52
@LikeBike now you can't open a bank account and get a debit/credit card if you didn't live in Japan for at least 6 months. The only bank that let's you open an account is Yuucho Bank but you can only use their cash card
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