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Get money from JP Bank acct. while overseas? 2022/6/30 01:58
Due to covid etc. I have given up on returning to Japan to reside. However, I still have a significant amount of money in my Japan Post Bank account. I do not have internet banking set up, nor a mijica card, nor any money transfer services linked to the account. What are my options for getting my hands on my money (without flying to Japan)?

An additional complication is that I do not have any My Number certificate or card in my keeping (though I know my My Number itself), or any non-expired Japanese ID. (TransferWise looked like a possibility until I realized I would need a My Number document to photograph.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Get money from JP Bank acct. while overseas? 2022/6/30 18:00
The only thing that comes to my mind is to find someone (an attorney would be probably the best) and send them your full power to represent you in dealings with that bank (probably to give the bank order to transfer money abroad and close the account). That would definitely work in my country, but Japan is Japan so things might be different...
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Re: Get money from JP Bank acct. while overseas? 2022/7/3 06:38
Most bank companies (the Japanese one at least) these days have free downloadable apps, where you can deposit, draw, etc. without physically going to a bank or ATM.
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