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Naturalization 2022/7/1 07:29
Ifm here again asking a Q. Ifm a half japanese - filipino and my name is in my fatherfs family tree(japanese) but Ifm not naturalize japanese. I donft have japanese passport yet. And last year I came in Japan holding a gchild of japanese visah and we had contact with our lawyer for almost half a year. The problem is They said I need to wait for 6 more months. My question is if can I apply my naturalization with my uncle (also japanese) Ifm 18 years old. And what are the conditions in applying for naturalization?
by Yuki Kawamura  

Re: Naturalization 2022/7/3 06:13
You were probably born outside Japan, that could be why. I come from a dual nationality family as well (Japanese and American), but I was born in Japan, so I haven't had issues concerning passports. Also, Philippines have diferent laws than the US.
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