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Fishing rules 2022/7/16 11:03
Hello all..

My apologies to disturb you all, but need some clear guidance.
There seems to be some conflicting information in regards to fishing rules.

Ifve read in places that I can fish rivers/streams that are accessible via public land and that I should only not do so if there is a visible sign saying itfs prohibited (and also if itfs in the vicinity of a shrine, not for any law but out of just general respect).

Others say that river fishing has to be paid for and that I have to acquire a day license to do so (if so please link to said information and where would I pay this, local fish shop, city hall etc ???).

I know I can fish off the port wall into eopen waterf but I want to be able to river fish as well but certainly donft want to encounter any problems in doing so or face any fines.

Please, anyone with any solid information or experience please let me know below.
If youfre just guessing at what emightf be okay, please refrain from replying so I can ensure to get the best possible information.

Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.

Kind regards.
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Re: Fishing rules 2022/7/17 08:00
I ended up looking into this a few months back and ended up on the following information site:
Go talk to a tackle shop - they would be able to help.
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