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Where to BBQ outside in Osaka? 2022/7/22 14:14
I'm trying to figure out some good spots where I can bring my own small gas grill, food, and plates to cook outside in a park or somewhere nice in the Osaka area. Are there any suggestions for places you can go to set up and eat?
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Re: Where to BBQ outside in Osaka? 2022/7/25 02:32
Experienced and more knowledgeable users can clarify - i guess, that almost in every location which is marked as a park or beach on Google Maps the authorities won't bother you should you cook a steak or whatever delicious meal using a combination of 100-200 gram gas canister, small stove (a la MSR Pocket rocket) and a pan? Assuming eating and drinking or sitting on a foam pad is not illegal for some reason. Obviously - the more "out-of-the-box" the location is the better.

As i am a seaside lover, the following location is not that far from Osaka station.

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Re: Where to BBQ outside in Osaka? 2022/7/25 12:24
I think Hamadera park has a section where BBQs are allowed.Catch the tram from Tennoji. Also Takihata Dam is a good place to BBQ...
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Re: Where to BBQ outside in Osaka? 2022/7/25 15:45
This is an updated list I found of places you can legally BBQ in Osaka.

You can't just go to a random park and cook food there without permission.
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