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Tokyo Disneyland under the new tourist rules 2022/8/20 17:08
Does anyone know if the tour guide has to go inside Tokyo disney parks under the new tourist rules?

Ifm planning to stay at one of the official disney hotels for 3 night. In two of those days I plan to go to disneyland and disneysea.

Does the tour guide have to be booked even when ifm staying in the hotel and not going anywhere?

Asked a couple of tour guides and they told me different answers so i want to get the right answer. Thank you
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Re: Tokyo Disneyland under the new tourist rules 2022/8/21 17:20
I think some travel agencies/tour guides may allow you to attend theme parks on your own if they know where you are, can contact you by phone if needed, and are "on-call" if you need assistance. That seems to be the logic behind some of the group tours that offer a "free day".

(The following is just my best guess): Really strict travel agencies will require that a guide is there to babysit you all day. Others may require that you use their private shuttle services to and from the theme park. But I would think that most agencies will require that you are paying for someone to be "responsible" for you, for at least part of the day, whether or not they are with you.
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