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How to write "blank (noun) is all" 2022/9/11 01:45
Hey I was wondering how I would write "is all" in Japanese. For example "God is all" or "Naruto is all" Would "Kami wa subete desu" be the correct way to say it? Or should I be using."zenbu" instead of "subete"
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Re: How to write ''blank (noun) is all'' 2022/9/11 14:30
If you mean something like gGod is all (that matters to meh), then it will be gKami ga subete.h (Note that Ifve changed gwah to ggah - a small but important change.)

But i cannot imagine that gNarutoh can be the only person/character that matters to you, so I wonder exactly what you want to express with thisc
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