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Ghibli Museum 2022/9/15 23:17
Hi All,

I did have a look on the forum and in the main site, but just trying to work out if it is now impossible to get Ghibli Museum tickets if you are not a Japanese resident?

It looks to me like tickets are limited to residents, although I guess this may change with the lifting of restrictions?
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Re: Ghibli Museum 2022/9/17 18:59
I've seen people have success buying them online from lawsons. I'm personally going to try getting mine when I land
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Re: Ghibli Museum 2022/9/20 11:10
Currently it looks like you need to go to Lawson Ticketfs website to purchase the tickets (if you are not buying through some JTB travel agencies outside Japan). You need to sign up as a Lawson Ticket member, then book, and you should be able to receive the tickets in the form of e-ticket on your smartphone. (Previously there was a time when the pick up was only available from the LOPPI machine at Lawson convenience stores in Japan.) On the 10th of each month, the tickets for the following month will become available.

Currently this seems to be the only purchase method - you cannot buy directly from LOPPI machine at convenience stores.
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