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Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/10/3 13:19
I am looking to stay in the Mt Yoshino area for 2 nights in mid April 2023. I have previously been there before as a day trip from Osaka but would like to stay overnight to spend more early morning and evening time there.

I am having a hard time finding available accommodations. Most places I am checking are not available for my dates, but for some inns the calendar only goes out to February or March right now. Does this mean that they may open up availability? I couldn't really find anything on booking and agoda, so I searched for hotels on google maps and proceeded to the direct websites via google translate. Is this the right way to go about it? Or is it more likely that everything is sold out for most of April by now?
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Re: Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/10/3 19:07
Its likely too early. Many accomodations inly open about 3 months in advance.
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Re: Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/10/3 23:21
Good to know. That is better than everything being sold out.

Also, if anyone has stayed in the area, do you have any recommendations, feedback?

One place did reply back to me via email. They recommended going earlier than I had planned (April 13-15), and things were booked up to the 10th.
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Re: Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/10/4 13:45
I have been to Yoshino during the cherry blossom season, but the cherry blossoms had already fallen and I could not see them.
I was in my twenties and didn't have any money, so I walked up the mountain, so I gave up halfway through.
Depending on the temperature of the year, the best time will vary, but the schedule for 2022 was at the link below.
past data
Reiwa 4th year(令和4年) is 2022.
As this table goes up, the data is one year older.
Shimosenbon(下千本) is the lowest elevation, and Okusenbon(奥千本) is the highest.
○ is the best time to see.
I stayed at Chikurinin Gunpoen because I liked the garden.
(I was a company employee at the time, so I stayed at a ryokan.)
I haven't stayed at another inn, so please refer to the reviews before deciding where to stay.
Information on this year's cherry blossom season
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Re: Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/10/5 00:40
Thanks for the information. I'm wondering when you went there that it was too late in that season?
I believe I was there on April 5 in 2018 and it was decent but I am planning for April 12-14 in 2023.
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Re: Mt Yoshino high season accommodations 2022/12/20 05:11
I am wondering if anyone is also looking at visiting Yoshino this coming April and staying in the town? I am still having trouble finding availability for my dates, April 12-14. I was able to secure a place by emailing them directly, but it is more expensive than I'd ideally like to pay.

I bookmarked a few websites for local inns and have been checking back two or three times a month, but nothing seems to be opening up. It is still unclear to me if they are all booked out or it perhaps there will be some availability 3 months prior in January.
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