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day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/12 17:39
I'll be staying near Shinjuku station in Tokyo and want to go to Nikko for one day only on April 1, 2023.
aside of the temples within Nikko, I want to see Kegon falls and lake Chuzenji.
is this sensible for one day?
what is the best timetable to do it by JR trains, with or without a JR Pass?
alternatively, any recommendations regarding an organized one day tour or a guide?
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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/12 22:47
We made the trip to Nikko the year before...
we left at 8am from Tokyo and to visit all the temples in Nikko we took until around 4pm, I can't believe that for a single day you can see Kegon falls and Chuzenji lake, we didn't try because we were told that we had to walk a lot...
I don't know if there is any way to get there and if you can visit everything in one day...
By the way we slept in Nikko in a small hostel near the train station very nice and stayed in Nikko until 12 noon....
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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/12 22:54
We went on a day trip to Nikko in 2016 and visited Toshogu and Tobu World Square. We did not go to Kegon Falls or Lake Chuzenji though. It was a very packed day. Left Shinjuku around 6:30am.

Check the last train departing from Nikko to see if your plan is doable in a day or better to stay a night. We went during koyo and the main road leading to Shinkyo is jammed so we had to walk from the station. Traffic is something to consider if youfre going during peak season.
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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/13 00:20
See this page for how to get around Nikko: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3805.html

I spent a night there, but if you control yourself (there are lots to see, so limit yourself) I think you can do the temple area and Kegon Falls/Lake Chuzenji.

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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/13 07:44
I have done it many times. Morning for the temples and afternoon for the lake and falls. Usually by JR and shinkansen to Utsunomia and then the Nikko line.
The Tokyo Wide 3-day pass covers the trip, as well as the national JR pass, but that is not the cheapest option. Using Tobu Railways is cheaper and there is a direct (no transfers) train from Shinjuku that makes the trip in less than two hours.
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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/13 11:24
We've been on a day trip to Nikko from Tokyo, starting from Shinjuku/Ikebukuro a bit past 7 in the morning, arriving in Nikko around 9, took the bus up to one end of the Chuzenji Lake (the end closest to Nikko town) and done a short walk by the Lake Chunzenji, and had a good look at Kegon Falls, then taking the bus down to visit Toshogu Shrine and a few other shrines around it, as well as the bridge, at a no-rush, good comfortable pace.

If you want to go up as far as Yudaki falls (in the upper reaches), hike the Senjogahara plateau, or go to other attractions such as Edo Wonderland, a day would not be enough (then it is recommended to stay over at a hot spring inn), but for the main attractions in town and the Kegon Falls, a day is well doable and well worth it :)
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Re: day trip from tokyo to nikko 2022/10/13 11:35
I did it a few winters ago. I left Tokyo Station on the very first shinkansen of the morning. (around 06:30am)
Started the day at Rinnoji, Toshogu and Futarasan Shrine. Before heading to Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Waterfall in the early afternoon. I also had another time for a quick visit to the Kanmangafuchi Abyss before catching the 17:30(ish) train from Nikko to Utsunomiya for my connecting shinkansen back to Tokyo.
So, yes, it is possible to do as a day trip. However, you can expect your day to be very long and tiring.
I also didn't eat at any of the restaurants in Nikko.
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