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Locker in Nikko (Akechidaira ropeway) 2022/10/17 04:08
Is there any lockers to keep luggages at Akechidaira ropeway in Nikko?

Because the Akechidaira ropeway entry is only at the road to Chuzenji onsen and my booked hotel is there. So if I want to join the Akechidaira ropeway, I have to carry my luggage from Tobu-Nikko station and stop at the Akechidaira ropeway before I go to check in at my hotel.
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Re: Locker in Nikko (Akechidaira ropeway) 2022/10/17 08:11
I havenft been but I canft find (in Japanese) on the internet any indication that there are lockers.

What you can do is to send your luggage from your previous hotel to you hotel in Nikko area by TaQBin. It normally takes about a day. Ask at the reception of your previous hotel a few days earlier.
If you are not staying at a hotel you can send it from a conbini or even have Yamato come to your place to pick it up. They have an English HD. At least they had pre Covid.
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