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Takayama to Kamikochi 2022/10/19 17:28
I would like to travel from Takayama on 6th Nov (Sunday) to Kamikochi.

I understand that Nohi bus travels this route. However, I am concern that due the weekend, the bus to and fro the route will get packed.

I tried to find booking of buses from Nohi website but canft find it.

Would appreciate anybodyfs assistance on it, if there is a way to book the bus.

Thank you.
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Re: Takayama to Kamikochi 2022/10/20 14:16

I am no expert by any means, but from my recollection, the bus between Takayama and Hirayu onsen (which is where you change for the bus to go to Kamikochi) was just a regular bus and not a highway bus, so I don't think you can reserve a spot on it.

You can see the route here:

Where it is specifically labeled a route (which I believe means just a normal bus) vs an express or highway bus.

Good luck!
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Re: Takayama to Kamikochi 2022/10/20 18:08
I've only gone the other way (Kamikochi to Takayama, lovely trip, and at the same time of year). This was a few years ago now, I think if you left pretty early you wouldnt have much to worry about and there are heaps of buses coming back. But back then it was largely chinese tourists up at kamikochi, I dont think they are visiting at the moment. If you are brave, go to the Onsen Hotel at Kamikochi which has (shock) an onsen which is open to the public. Outdoor bath with trees all around, really nice.

Autumn colours are likely to have gone at Kamikochi (grey and drab, possible flurries) but should be roaring away at Takayama, if you like squirrels go to the Squirrel (Risu) park a little out of town (taxi ride away) as they will be chowing down for winter, there is also some great colour there and heaps in Takayama park which is quite spectacular if you walk up to the castle ruins.

I hope I am permitted to be a little envious, that is a fantastic time to visit Takayama.
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Re: Takayama to Kamikochi 2022/10/21 13:23
Thank you every one. Based on the above sharing, I really canft wait to see the colours in Takayama! So looking forward to it!
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