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Sake bottle temple 2022/10/22 04:57

I went to Japan back in fall of 2015 and bought a bottle which I had actually no idea was Japanese sake. It came with those small sake cups. I mostly thought the bottle was a nice looking from the temple I visited.

After ocming back home, I put it away and recently when preparing to move to a new location, the bottle was found.

According to the note on the bottle it's 180 ml. It's stored in a small porcelain bottle with a cork sealing the opening tight.

I have no idea how long sake can be stored before getting bad.
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Re: Sake bottle temple 2022/10/22 12:34
Probably gone bad. They recommend you dring sake within 1-2 years of being bottled.
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Re: Sake bottle temple 2022/10/22 20:39
How long it lasts really depends on what it is. By the way, I've never heard of a nihonshu (so-called "Japanese sake") that's stored in a corked bottle. Could you show us a photo of the label? You can upload it somewhere and post the link to it.
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