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Tattoo in Japanese, right translation? 2022/10/24 23:37
Ive been wanting to get a tattoo on my forearm thats translated ''Lonesome/Lonely Warrior'' to
'' ǓƂȐm '' Is this the right translation and meaning?
i just dont want to look dumb that it will translate to something else lmao

I appreciate your time :)

by ulrich1337  

Re: Tattoo in Japanese, right translation? 2022/10/25 18:32
It is correct Japanese.

However, as someone who is both covered in tattoos and has dedicated a decent chunk of her life to learning the language, if you were my friend I would recommend against getting this tattoo.

Yes, it is correct Japanese. Then why don't I think this is a good tattoo? Because it being "correct" does not mean it won't look dumb. Of course this is just my opinion, but I know the language well enough not just to understand whether a translation is correct/accurate but also to recognise when something sounds good or just... well... lame. Seriously, no disrespect, but I don't think this tattoo will be anywhere near as cool on the body of an adult man as you are imagining it will.

If you're serious about getting a tattoo in Japanese (which I think can be a good idea!), please read my reply to the thread linked below. If you want a good tattoo the process is more complicated than taking some Japanese you came up with to the nearest tattooer and having them put it on you in YuMincho or some other computer font. But it will be 1,000% worth it.


TLDR: Yes, but don't do it. Just my opinion.
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Re: Tattoo in Japanese, right translation? 2022/10/29 20:09
As a Japanese resident and professional translator who loves people with tattoos, I can't express it any better than LIZ. The OP would go straight into the list of dumb foreign tattoos that locals often make big fun out of. To say the least, (s)he would not look anything close to the ''Lonesome/Lonely Warrior'' Japanese people expect of.

I hope you can find something you truly wish concerning your solitude fight.
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Re: Tattoo in Japanese, right translation? 2022/11/11 14:17
Yes, it's the correct translation. However, I'd also be quite weary of what you're putting on your body to try and show off, especially in a different culture that views tattoos VERY differently compared to your country.

You may see it as being "cool" to have a tattoo that says you're some kind of lone warrior, but Japanese will view it as odd and wonder why you have it. It would be the same if a Japanese person got the words "lonely warrior" tattoo'd and went to America and then people would probably wonder why they got that tattoo'd. Just always remember that you can do whatever you want, but what you perceive as cool to yourself, others may not think so.
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Re: Tattoo in Japanese, right translation? 2022/12/2 10:01
Yeah, it's grammarly correct, but be aware of the cultural differences between Japan and the West/foreign countries. Generally, you are uneligible for medical insurance of any kind in Japan, if you have any tattoos. Same goes for public onsens. You won't be allowed entry.
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